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Experience a world of wonder. Founded in 2002, Ovolo Hotels is a playful, distinctive, daring family of contemporary boutique hotels across Australia and Hong Kong designed for the modern traveller – and brimming with character.


As part of their OC-DC initiative (Obsessive Commitment to Deep Cleaning), Ovolo Hotels were looking into new and innovative ways to maintain a COVID-safe environment for guests and employees. Ovolo approached Hunter Technologies regarding the OHAir technology, which provides a unique treatment solution for airborne and surface contaminants, which can also operate in occupied areas.

Ovolo looked to introduce OHAir as part of their room servicing procedures, which allowed their team to quickly eliminate potential contaminants in their hotel rooms, thereby reducing transmission risk for both future guests and staff.

Solution and results

Hunter Technologies supplied Ovolo Hotels with OHAir MySpace systems – a portable solution which housekeeping was able to include in their standard room servicing procedures. These lightweight systems are transported and activated between rooms, and the system’s fast-acting treatment method helps eliminate potential transmission risks, quickly and easily.

This unique approach provides a full treatment approach to the entire room – including airborne contaminants and additional surface treatment. This high-level of treatment in room servicing is included in their COVID-19 safety plan and advertised to customers, giving an extra confidence boost and highlighting that Ovolo Hotels are at the forefront of client and staff safety.

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The 24/7 air and surface treatment system.

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