What are hydroxyls?

Hydroxyls (OH) are safe, naturally occurring molecules that react with, and destroy, volatile compounds such as viruses, bacteria, moulds and odours. Created in our atmosphere when the sun’s ultraviolet rays react with water vapour, they play a critical role in cleaning the earth’s atmosphere and are often referred to as the “detergent” of the atmosphere. They can be utilised to kill bacteria, viruses and mould, and to break down volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chemical fumes, gases, vapours and unpleasant odours.

Through the use of proprietary UV technology, OHAir replicates the natural production of hydroxyls to actively eliminate biological and chemical contaminants.

How it works

The OHAir unit contains a uniquely designed HGU (Hydroxyl Generation Unit) that uses proprietary UV technology to create hydroxyls, which treat the air and surfaces – removing pathogens, odours, mould and volatile compounds.

Hydroxyl technology was first pioneered at NASA for use in the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station, and is now used worldwide. The dynamic nature of the hydroxyl molecule results in the destruction of any bacteria and virus it contacts, by penetrating their cell walls.

Portable or fixed systems

OHAir is available as a portable unit, suitable for individual rooms, or as a fixed installation within the air conditioning system for large areas – which works 24/7 to protect your indoor spaces.

The ‘constant stream’ effect of the OHAir unit provides the ongoing generation of hydroxyls, projecting them through the air and onto surfaces in the room – where they ‘seek and destroy’ pathogens such as bacteria and viruses and safely eliminate them.

Removes 99.99% of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) from air and surfaces within one hour

The OHAir Hydroxyl technology has been extensively tested against DNA / RNA based viruses (the approach used in FDA approved testing) – demonstrating that OHAir is effective against a full range of viruses, no matter their protective lipid sheaths. These viruses are a surrogate for COVID-19 – making OHAir a fast and effective treatment solution to this virus.

OHAir is the only technology available that can actively reduce the viral contamination in occupied spaces, reducing the risk of cross contamination. The difference being that the air does not need to pass through the unit – it projects safe treatment throughout the entire space.

OHAir technology has also been through FDA’s rigorous safety and efficacy testing where it provided consistent results of > 99.99% reduction in virus, bacteria and mould within 2-3 hours.

Pictured: FDA testing of MS2 virus, a surrogate for COVID-19. The MDU testing showed a level of efficacy of 99% (2 log reduction) in contamination within 15 to 30 minutes – an exceptionally fast treatment rate. Overall the system achieved a 4 -5 log reduction (99.99% and 99.999%) within two hours – far exceeding FDA standards.

Your business needs to stay open. OHAir is vital to help prevent outbreaks.

With restrictions being lifted, it’s more important than ever to protect your business, as well as your industry as a whole. We must do everything possible to prevent viral outbreaks, which includes airborne transmission. OHAir addresses this often overlooked, but critical transmission method for COVID-19, in occupied indoor areas with minimal ventilation.

Extensive laboratory testing to FDA standards

OHAir incorporates Odorox® technology, which uses a safe and efficient process based on a specially designed ultra-violet globe to mimic the effect of the sun, creating hydroxyls over a large area. It literally cleans the air you’re breathing – and sterilises surfaces to ensure a healthy environment.

OHAir incorporates Odorox® technology, which uses a safe and efficient process based on a specially designed ultra-violet globe to mimic the effect of the sun, creating hydroxyls over a large area. It literally cleans the air you’re breathing – and disinfects surfaces to ensure a healthy environment.

It’s natural

OHAir technology mimics the natural effect of sunlight to produce safe, normally occurring atmospheric hydroxyls which act as natures cleaning agents within our atmosphere.

It’s effective

OHAir technology will eliminate up to 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses, including Influenza, E. coli and staphylococcus, as well as destroying mould and eliminating odours. All without using any potentially harmful or toxic chemicals.

It’s immediate

An OHAir unit will immediately improve the quality of the air you breathe. OHAir technology ensures the healthiest indoor environment for your employees, customers and family members.

It’s safe

Atmospheric hydroxyls themselves are naturally occurring and non-harmful to humans, plants or animals. OHAir technology uses a tried-and-tested method to produce hydroxyls safely.

OHAir System comparison and specifications

OHAir offers a range of products to suit every application and room size. The Hydroxyl Generation Unit (HGU) has a 12,000 hour lifespan – or approximately 12 months – and is easily replaced with minimal cost or disruption.

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Dimensions (cm):
36(w) x 12(d) x 30(h)

Power usage:

Inbuilt fan:

Room size:
Up to 30m2 (or up to 60m2 with inbuilt booster)

Dust pre-filter

Number of HGU’s / lifespan:
1 x 12,000hours

Home/Office – small to medium space – standalone only

Touch and WiFi interface


Dimensions (cm):
32(w) x 74(d) x 410(h)

Power usage:

Inbuilt fan:

Room size:
Up to 300m2

Up to 0.8m3/s or 1600cfm (No HEPA). Air flow limited by HEPA when installed.

Number of HGU’s / lifespan:
5 (high power) x 12,000 hours
Up to 10x oxidant output of single unit

Large spaces, decontamination, air purification. Stand alone or installed in HVAC system.

RS485 MODBUS with options of auto-configuration concentrator (4 units/20 optics per link) with WiFi (MODBUS-Ethernet, MQTT, HTTP) or RS485 concentration (MODBUS 20 optics to a single set of registers)

The 24/7 air and surface treatment system.

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